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We are extending innovative solutions for health care projects right from concept to physical design, equipment and end-users training.

The supply may include only consultancy or it may cover the whole spectrum of project planning, building construction, equipment installation and man power development through a turn-key system.

We provide logistic support for implementation of the project.

Installation, operation and maintenance of medical and auxiliary equipment and tailored including training programmes.

In Bangladesh the requirement for quality care and maintenance of medical and its auxiliary equipment are increasing with the rapid growth of the healthcare industry. There is now ever increasing demand for bio-medical engineering requirement, either for preventive maintenance or continuous repair programme.

We devote our knowledge and skills and took the initiative to put some young, energetic and qualified engineers to extend the support to the institutions and end-users.

Why we are different

  • We extend our technical support for periodic preventive maintenance and maintenance on call basis. Thus we prevent unnecessary break downs, ensure reliabilities of the equipment and reduce the possibility of unexpected repairs.
  • We also arrange training for medical and management staffs of hospitals with high quality, standard and efficiency.
  • We also extend our logistic support and data collectors for survey / studies for any health related projects, including arranging resource persons and printing materials.
  • Our turn-key arrangement even include Construction Management. This very often requires baseline survey for physical and logistic (including human resources) facilities and concept development based on the situation analysis.
  • A proper design of the project is highly helpful for the development of a rational budget and HEMA can save the valuable resource of the client by bringing its long time expertise in this area.

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