Construction & Construction Management

In the process of planning, designing and construction has a different perspective of management for construction. Specialized knowledge is required for medium to large complicated construction projects. Proper communication and Co-ordination among the parties can save valuable resources and avoid the possible delay in schedule. Our scope of services also extends to the local legal and regulatory requirements and including.

  • Tender Procedure
  • Pre-construction meeting
  • On-site observations/Site Supervision
  • Change orders
  • Client representation
  • Pay requests
  • Construction documents
  • Permitting from Concerned Authorities

Material Sourcing :

We source construction materials both in home and abroad by our on-ground experienced professionals. We also assist our clients to fully understand the supply market costs and pricing models.

QC & QA:

We extend our services for inspection, testing and checking of materials and as well works to ensure conformity with the design and materials. QA is aimed to prevent non- conformity/defects by both our in house and outsourced experts. We also use BRTC of BUET for design and material testing in addition to this HBR&I.

Final Construction Report